Reusable pen injector Plastic pen body
Reusable pen injector Plastic pen body

Relying on our powerful R&D team, precise devices and complete management system, Prior can ensure that the whole process of “order place-design-mold development-product parts production-finished product assembly-function validation-product delivery” is effectively completed within the company with high quality. Acufocus’ pen-type injector is a product developed by Wuxi Prior Medical Science & Technology Co., Ltd. During the process of design, our main focuses are attached on accuracy, conveniency and originality, whose combined initial letters combined together to form the brand name.

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Nine characteristics

Enlarged view window: Adjust window to enlarge, scale reading more clearly

Convenient to carry: Small and delicate package, easy to carry;

Two-way adjustment: Dose setting device can be two-way adjustment, dose the preset excessive callback;

Precision injection: High precision injection screw, stable injection process,low precision error, injection increment 1u, adjustable dose 1u - 60u;

Good feeling of compressing: The transmission mechanism is completely made of special materials with self-lubrication, and the injection process is smoother with the pressure of about 30N;

Long service life: Products after use for a long time, still keep high precision;

Easy to use: No need for professional guidance, the first use can be easily mastered;

High compatibility: Can be compatible with many needles and ink on the market, the replacement is convenient;

Wide application fields: Growth hormone, insulin, antibiotics, interferon, beauty products, biochemical emergency prevention, hemostatic pain, First aid for heart disease, detoxification, antipyretic analgesic, Anesthetic sedative class, etc;

Product advantages

• Elite team

Prior has 5 R&D personnel, and 3 personnel have accepted postgraduate or higher education. And strong R&D design ability can meet customers’ different requirements.

• Equipment guarantee

The company’s production center has introduced in Germany Roeders processing center, TACHIBANA, MITSUI’s grinding machine, Mitsubishi’s wire-electrode cutting devices and many other precise production devices. The company has invested 150 million to establish 100,000 class purification workshop, sterile laboratory and automatic production line.

• Mold injection

Based on Vanguard Technology in the precision injection mold and die casting mold design and manufacture many years of experience. And can develop all kinds of high precision、complex structure mold, product needed parts, strong production capacity.

• Support for targeted development of OEM&ODM

“order place-design-mould development-product parts production-finished product assembly-function validation-product delivery”,the whole process can be completed with high quality and efficiency within the company.

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