Bst LAMP MasterMix (with SYTO-9)
Bst LAMP MasterMix (with SYTO-9)

Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) is a nucleic acid amplification technique widely used in the detection of target nucleic acid. The kit provides a simple solution suitable for LAMP assay for DNA detection. LAMP is a common isothermal amplification technique,which use LAMP-specific primers (prepared by user) and strand displacement polymerase to rapidly detect the target nucleic acid. The kit contains 2.5×LAMP Mix and Bst DNA polymerase, in which the 2.5×LAMP Mix contains reaction buffer, fluorescent dye, Mg2+, dNTPs, etc., and is used with fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument or thermostatic fluorescence detector. When used, only primers and templates need to be added for nucleic acid isothermal amplification.

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· Bst enzymes with high performance ensure high reaction efficiency and  specificity.

· Simple and fast operations due to the bi-component product form, with 

 operational errors greatly reduced.

· Highly applicable to DNA templates of different sample types .

Shipping and Storage Conditions

The kit needs to be transported frozen and the components of the kit should be 

stored away from light under -18°C.

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