Magnetic Blood Spots Genomic DNA Isolation Kit
Magnetic Blood Spots Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

This kit is suitable for isolation of purified high-quality genomic DNA from dried blood spot samples. The kit uses a magnetic bead and buffer system with a unique isolation function. The surface of the magnetic bead is modified with special chemical groups, which have extremely strong enrichment ability for genomic DNA under certain conditions and can reversibly release genomic DNA when the conditions are changed, to rapidly separate and purify genomic DNA,and to remove impurities like proteins as far as possible. The genomic DNA extracted by this kit can be widely used for various routine operations, such as enzyme digestion, fluorescent quantitative PCR, library construction, Southern blotting, chip detection and other experiments

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· Specially designed for direct genomic DNA Extraction from dried blood spots.

· Simple and rapid with ultra-pure genomic DNA extracted within 1 h.

· Unique lysis and binding system for purified DNA with high concentration, 

 high purity and integrity, etc. in accordance with the requirements of chip 

 hybridization and high-throughput sequencing. 

· Uniquely encapsulated magnetic beads for a high affinity for nucleic acids.

· Safe and non-toxic without phenol/chloroform involved.

Shipping and Storage Conditions

Transport at room temperature, store at room temperature away from light.

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