About Us
About Us
Global Leading Biotech Consumables Manufacturer

Wuxi NEST Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NEST)was established in 2009, with the brand “NEST” correspondingly founded. Upholding the belief of “inventing high-end consumables and creating an internationally established brand”, we are dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of life sciences products. In addition to the professional R&D Center and senior management team, NEST, a domestically leading comprehensive life science service provider across multi-sectors, is also in possession of 6800 m2 Class 100000 cleanroom and 2700 m2 Class 10000 cleanroom, mature production process and cutting-edge equipment.

With the continuous expansion of overseas business, our products have been exported globally to North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, India, etc.

To ensure the stable quality and achieve the seamless workflow of “raw material sourcing—production—packaging—sterilization—delivery", NEST invested 150 million in 2012 to build a new 27,000 m2 plant (dust-free cleanroom), imported the cutting-edge electronic irradiation equipment RhodotronTT200 (whose sterilization process certified by ISO13485 and ISO11137 quality system) and medical grade raw materials in line with USP CLASS 6, and standardized production according to GMP quality management system.

NEST products can be divided into four categories—Laboratory Consumables (Cytology Consumables, Microbial Detection Consumables, Molecular Biology Consumables and Other General Consumables), Medical Apparatus and Instruments, Pharmaceutical Packaging and Biological Reagent (Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification Kits, PCR/RT-PCR Kits, Regular Lab Reagents and Gene Knock-out Kits). NEST owns products of different collections and various specifications, which are currently applied in many spheres including medicine, agriculture, light chemical industry, food, environmental protection, biological energy, marine biological resources, regenerative medicine and other life science fields, satisfying customers’ diversified needs. Compared with imported ones, NEST products have superior quality but lower price and shorter lead time, greatly improving research efficiency and reducing the cost.

Due to its strong ability in mold design, machine tool precision processing and plastic molding, NEST provides various customized service to clients in need besides the conventional products.

Development History
The brand NEST was established and embarked on R&D of cell culture products.
NEST officially expanded to overseas markets; participated in exhibitions in Munich, Germany and Pittcon, USA.
NEST received ISO 9001 certification.
The new plant was in preparation.
NEST Scientific Inc. (USA) was established; Molecular Biology Consumables and BioFactory were added.
The new plant which took 150 million Yuan was put into use; RhodotronTT200 electron beam irradiation sterilization facility which was imported from Belgium received the ISO11137 certification.
The sterilization center was officially put into use.
BioFactoryTM was validated by ISO 13485 and was launched into the market.
BioFactoryTM and Erlenmeyer Flask were released, with industrial products collections completed.
NEST optimized management, upgraded equipment, then developed Medical Apparatus and Instruments, preparing to receive the medical device production license.
NEST received the medical device production license, and sales volume reached 100 million.
NEST was officially entitled as Wuxi NEST Biotechnology Co., Ltd.; COVID-19 prevention supplies were under development.
3300 ft2 warehouse and R&D base opened up in NJ 07095, USA.
4500 ft2 warehouse in AZ 85043, USA opened up to lower the storage and transportation cost.
Registration Certificate for Medical Device of the PRC-Alteration
Registration Certificate for Medical Device of the PRC-Alteration
Registration Certificate for Medical Device of the PRC
Wuxi Famous Export Brand Certificate
Registeration Certificate for Medical Device of PRC
Registration Form of Medical Device Manufacture
Class I Medical Device Production Record
Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprises that Produce New and Unique Products Certificate
Intellectual Property Management System Certificate
High-tech Enterprises
Wuxi Futeng Irradation Technology Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Futeng Irradation Technology Co., Ltd.
ISO 9001
Sterilization Validation
Wuxi Futeng Irradation Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of NEST, is solely responsible for the sterilization of all product items from NEST, from which a seamless integrated process of "product manufacturing-packaging-sterilization" is derived.
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