Square Storage Bottle Closed System Solution
Square Storage Bottle Closed System Solution

The newly launched collection of NEST Liquid Transfer System provide an aseptic transfer solution of closed liquid infusion for the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry as well as laboratories. A standard Luer head is used in the joint of the system, enabling the operation easier and more convenient. Also, the TPE material of tubes is in line with the requirements for industrial pharmaceutical enterprises, and is validated by a certified third party in accordance with BPOG Guide for Evaluating Extractables and Leachables.

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•  Complete piping specifications.

•  Transfer caps with integrated injection molding, wide versatility, can be adapted to other brands.

•  PETG wall is thick, durable, and resistant to fracture.

•  High chemical durability, suitable for the storage of high purity reagent, standard particle materials and samples.

•  High transparency, strong mechanical strength and shock resistance, and convenient for observation and transportation.

•  Highly tolerant of low temperature, UV rays, and resistant to fracture.

•  Smooth inner surface can minimize the residue on the wall.

•  Sterile, DNase/RNase/Pyrogen free.