High Efficient Erlenmeyer Flask
High Efficient Erlenmeyer Flask

High-efficiency, large-volume culture flasks allow cells to show strong viability with large expression amount of proteins in the culture of mammalian cells and insect cells. During the culturing process, the use rate of the shaker is significantly increased, and the survival rate and viability of cells are both dramatically elevated. NEST culture flasks also provide high repeatability, which allows highly inter-batch consistency of cell growth and yield.

The bottom diameter of the 3L wide-mouth high efficiency erlenmeyer flask is consistent with that of the 3L high efficiency erlenmeyer flask, and its mouth diameter adopts the neck size of the 5L high efficiency erlenmeyer flask, which not only saves space usage, but also increase oxygen flux, so as to increase the efficiency of cell culture.

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•  PC bottle, which meets the USP Class 6 Standard, with high transparency, has strong impact resistance, oxidation resistance and can withstand a high temperature up to 121℃.There’s a scale made by injection molding on the flask body to facilitate observing the filled liquid volume.

•  The wide-mouth neck design is convenient for sampling and liquid filling.

•  DNase/RNase free, no pyrogens.

•  Sterilized by E-Beam.

•  Packaged in sterile bags.

Take 3L high efficient erlenmeyer flask and 3L conical erlenmeyer flask as example:

•  As for the same shaker, more 3L High Efficient Erlenmeyer Flask can be placed on, which greatly reduce the usage rate and client’s R&D costs of the shaker.

•  The amount of foam can be efficiently controlled by low sheer force created by cells (3L high efficiency erlenmeyer flask and 3L conical erlenmeyer flask as example.

•  The breathable membrane area of the High Efficiency Erlenmeyer Flask cover is bigger, which enables a higher oxygen flux.

•  Equipped with transfer Cap, more safe and convenient operation.