Centrifuge Tube
Centrifuge Tube

NEST centrifuge tubes could be commonly used to collect cells and separate biomacromolecules by centrifugation in biochemistry and other biological fields. They can also be used to store photosensitive samples and special chemiluminescence reagent.

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• Printed Graduations (with marking area).

• Polypropylene tube and high-density polyethylene cap.

• High centrifugal strength up to 12,000xg.

• Flat markable cap with leakproof seal.

• One-hand operation design for the caps is easy to handle.

• Sterilized by E-beam, SAL=10-6.

• Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/Rnase free.

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• Up to the standards of biological analysis.

• High strength non-toxic materials.

• Raw material comply with USP VI complies.