Disposable Nasal Atomization Device
Disposable Nasal Atomization Device

It is an atomizing device for drug administration intended to convert liquid preparations into atomized particles and spray on the surface of human body tissues (or organs) for full contact to maximize the administration effect. Meanwhile, the reasonable and effective self-destructive structure ensures that the product can only be used once to provide users with safe and hygienic products.The device provides a painless and rapid absorption medication delivery option for non-invasive intranasal medication delivery. It improves safety for both caregivers and patients by avoiding needle-sticking injuries.

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• Use at normal ambient temperature;

• The collection process is simple, convenient and easy to operate.

• Flexible to use, can be easily collected in the laboratory, clinic, or even at home.

• It is suitable for a wide range of object groups, especially for children and patients who do not meet the blood sample collection conditions.

• The non-invasive collection of samples will not cause any discomfort to the collection objects, reducing the chance of infection and improving safety.