King-sized Square Storage Bottle, an innovative and versatile addition
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King-sized Square Storage Bottle, an innovative and versatile addition

Square Storage Bottle is a commonly used reagent storage container in laboratories. NEST provides a range of Square Storage Bottles made of PET, PETG, and PC materials. It is worth mentioning that a new collection of PET bottles with a classic square shoulder design has recently been launched. This new collection offers a wider variety of specifications and liquid storage solutions. 

Currently, two King-sized Square Storage Bottles with capacities of 5000ml and 2000ml have been added, accommodating a broader range of applications and usage scales.

Wide range of applications


Cultivation media typically consist of carbohydrates, nitrogenous substances, inorganic salts, vitamins, and water. These components serve as the fundamental nutrients for cells, promoting cell proliferation and providing a suitable living environment for cell growth and reproduction. It is recommended to store cultivation media between 2℃ and 8℃, away from light.


Serum provides essential nutrients, growth factors, and binding proteins to cells, protecting them from mechanical damage and playing a protective role in cell culture. Serum that needs to be stored for a long period of time should be stored in a low-temperature environment ranging from -20°C to -70°C. If stored in a refrigerator at 4°C, it generally should not exceed 1 month.


NEST Square Storage Bottles not only serve as storage containers for serum and culture media, but also for various biological reagents. These reagents include buffer solutions, dissociation reagents, antibiotics, cell cryopreservation solutions, staining solutions, and growth additives, among others. Some of these reagents need to be stored at -20°C, while others can be stored at room temperature. NEST Square Storage Bottles are specifically designed to meet the storage requirements of these reagents in any environment.

Various scales of uses

From the mini bottle of 30ml commonly used in labs to production bottles of 5000ml for larger-scale production, we offer a range of specifications to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Multiple Packaging Configurations


1. Enhanced protection: double-layer packaging offers additional protection for safety in case the bottles were damaged by external forces such as extrusion, vibration, and collision during transportation

2. Improved durability: double-layer packaging ensures durability and a longer service life.

3. Compliance: in line with material entry requirements of the GMP purification workshop of the biological laboratory.

Double-bagged, extra large

1. Economical and cost-effective: reducing costs of packaging and labor 

2. Improve efficiency: reducing the redundant loading and unloading operations for industrial customers when filling liquid, spurring the efficiency and reducing the labor intensity.


1. The tray-packed bottles features an one-piece plastic sealing coating by packaging equipment, which ensures better protection and less collision between and prevents contamination and loss

2. High space utilization by stacking

Square Storage Bottle Closed System Solution

NEST Closed System collection offers an aseptic liquid infusion solution for pharmaceuticals, the biotechnology industry, and laboratories. The system features a standard Luer head joint, which enhances convenience during operations. The tubes are made of TPE material, meeting the requirements for industrial pharmaceutical enterprises. Additionally, a certified third party has validated the material in accordance with the BPOG Guide for Evaluating Extractables and Leachables.


1. Various tubing specifications are available.

2. The injection-molded transfer cap is highly compatible with other major brands.

3. The bottle body is made of PETG, providing high transparency, mechanical strength, low-temperature resistance, and UV resistance. This makes it suitable for observation and transportation.

4. The bottle neck has a unique external thick collar design, ensuring a sealed environment for experiments.

5. Non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic, no animal-derived components.