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  • Cell Culture Flask Packaging Changing Notification
    To improve specification recognition and enhance the user experience, we would like to inform you that we plan to switch the previous packaging of Cell Culture Flask collection to the NEW packaging of Co-extruded Bag. This new packaging offers improved softness and better sealing performance.
  • Fresh Arrivals: Cell Culture Inserts & Glass Bottom Dish in blister pack, and 2 additional Syringe Filter specifications
    Cell culture inserts are widely used in various cell experiments, such as co-culture, chemotaxis, migration, invasion, and drug transport experiments. To provide convenience and sterility in research, NEST has introduced a new specification of cell culture inserts with independent blister packaging.
  • Find the difference: Min Bioreactor or Centrifuge Tube?
    Among the frequently asked questions, one of the most intriguing is, "What is the difference between the NEST 50mL Min Bioreactor and the Centrifuge Tube?” In fact, they have several differences in terms of specifications and applications, especially with a notable distinction in the cap design.
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