Papers with NEST products—Cell Culture Plate
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Papers with NEST products—Cell Culture Plate


• Article Title:A Janus-ROS Healing System Promoting Infectious Bone Regeneration via Sono-Epigenetic Modulation.       

• Author:Liang Ma

• Journal Title:Advanced Materials

• Impact Factor:29.4

• Article Title:Satellite-Type Sulfur Atom Distribution in Trithiocarbonate Bond-Bridged Dimeric Prodrug Nanoassemblies: Achieving Both Stability and Activatability 

• Author:Lingxiao Li

• Journal Title:Advanced Materials 

• Impact Factor:29.4

• Article Title:Phosphorylated NFS1 weakens oxaliplatin-based chemosensitivity of colorectal cancer by preventing PANoptosis

• Author:JinFei Lin

• Journal Title:Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy

• Impact Factor:18.187

• Article Title:Gemcitabine nano-prodrug reprograms intratumoral metabolism and alleviates immunosuppression for hepatocellular carcinoma therapy

• Author:Yuehua Wang 

• Journal Title:Nano Today

• Impact Factor:17.4002

• Article Title:Exosomes derived from CD271+CD56+ bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell subpopoulation identified by single-cell RNA sequencing promote axon regeneration after spinal cord injury

• Author:Yi Sun 

• Journal Title:theranositcs

• Impact Factor:12.4

• Article Title:pH-activated nanoplatform for visualized photodynamic and ferroptosis synergistic therapy of tumors

• Author:Rui Sun 

• Journal Title:Journal of Controlled Release

• Impact Factor:11.467

• Article Title:A Biomimetic Nanoparticle Exerting Protection against Acute Liver Failure by Suppressing CYP2E1 Activity and Scavenging Excessive ROS

• Author:Yingying Tang 

• Journal Title:Advanced healthcare materials

• Impact Factor:10

• Article Title:Paclitaxel derivative-based liposomal nanoplatform for potentiated chemo-immunotherapy

• Author:YingLi Wang

• Journal Title:Journal of controlled release

• Impact Factor:9.776

• Article Title:Hydrogel–metal-organic-framework hybridsmediated efficient oral delivery of siRNAfor the treatment of ulcerative colitis

• Author:Meng Gao 

• Journal Title:Journal of Nanobiotechnology

• Impact Factor:9.429

• Article Title:Bat Employs a Conserved MDA5 Gene to Trigger Antiviral Innate Immune Responses 

• Author:Jie Wang

• Journal Title:Frontiers in Immunology 

• Impact Factor:7.561