Papers with NEST products—Glass Bottom Cell Culture Dish
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Papers with NEST products—Glass Bottom Cell Culture Dish


• Article Title:Engineered poly(A)-surrogates for translational regulation and therapeutic biocomputation in mammalian cells.      • Author:Jiawei Shao

• Journal Title:Cell Research

• Impact Factor:44.1

• Article Title:Photothermal therapy of tuberculosis using targeting pre-activated macrophage membrane-coated nanoparticles  

• Author:Bin Li

• Journal Title:Nature Nanotechnology

• Impact Factor:38.3

• Article Title:Mechano-activated Cell Therapy for Accelerated Diabetic Wound Heali

• Author:Yufeng Shou

• Journal Title:Advanced Materials

• Impact Factor:29.4

• Article Title:Promoting the Recruitment, Engagement, and Reinvigoration of Effector T Cells via an Injectable Hydrogel with a Supramolecular Binding Capability for Cancer Immunotherapy

• Author:Yueqiang Zhu 

• Journal Title:Advanced Materials

• Impact Factor:29.4

• Article Title:Phase separation of EB1 guides microtubule plus-end dynamics

• Author:Xiaoyu Song 

• Journal Title:Nature Cell Biology

• Impact Factor:28.2

• Article Title:Polydopamine-armed microalgal oxygenerator targeting the hypoxiaadenosine axis to boost cancer photothermal immunotherapy.

• Author:Cheng Zhang 

• Journal Title:ELSEVIER

• Impact Factor:24.2

• Article Title:Mammalian IRE1αdynamically and functionally coalesces with stress granules

• Author:Songzi Liu 

• Journal Title:Nature cell biology

• Impact Factor:21.3

• Article Title:In situ MUC1-specific CAR engineering of tumor-supportive macrophages stimulates tumoricidal immunity against pancreatic adenocarcinoma

• Author:Ying Liu

• Journal Title:Nano Today

• Impact Factor:18.9615

• Article Title:A Dynamic Control Center Based on a DNA Reaction Network for Programmable Building of DNA Nanostructures

• Author:Fengming Chen 

• Journal Title:ACS Nano

• Impact Factor:18.027

• Article Title:Cascaded multiresponsive supramolecular dimer-engineered nano-modulator enabling spatiotemporally adaptable tumor immune microenvironment remodeling in photodynamic immunotherapy

• Author:Yuequan Wang 

• Journal Title:Nano Today

• Impact Factor:17.4