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Disposable Pen Injector, Reusable Pen Injector, COP Pre-filled Syringe
GelNest Matrix, Fetal Bovine Serum etc.
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Bio-bank, centrifuge, Metal Bath and Shaker.
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Provide sterile output solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and laboratories
Medical Consumable
Medical Consumable
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Bio-processing Solutions
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Liquid Handling
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Biological Testing
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Building up worldwide reputation for making high end consumables

Established in 2009, Wuxi NEST Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (NEST) is renowned for its brand "NEST" and is dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of high-quality life sciences products. 

With a dedicated Research and Development Center and an experienced management team, NEST strives to be a leading comprehensive life science service provider in China across various sectors. Our state-of-the-art facilities include a 6800 m2 Class 100000 cleanroom and a 2700 m2 Class 10000 cleanroom, supported by a mature production process and cutting-edge equipment.

As our International business expands, our products have been successfully exported to numerous countries such as North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, India, and more.

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Founded in 2009
6800m 2
Class 100,000 Cleanshop
2700m 2
Class 10,000 Cleanshop
Professional Certifications and Honors
News Releases
Papers with NEST products—Cell Culture Plate
•Article Title:A Janus-ROS Healing System Promoting Infectious Bone Regeneration via Sono-Epigenetic Modulation. Author:Liang Ma • Journal Title:Advanced Materials • Impact Factor:29.4
  • Papers with NEST products— Cell Culture Insert
    • Article Title:Breaking through the basement membrane barrier to improve nanotherapeutic delivery to tumours. Author:Qin Wang • Journal Title:Nature Nanotechnology • Impact Factor:38.3
  • Change statement
    Dear customers and partners : Thank you for your concern and support for our products all the time. In order to improve theconvenience of product packaging and user experience, our company decided to update the Glass
  • Explore reliable bioprocessing accessories
    In the production process of bioproducts, disposable sterile consumable accessories can reduce the complexity of operations, which is of great significance for reducing contamination and improving production efficiency
  • Level up your cryo-preservation expertise with New NEST Cryogenic Tubes
    Cryogenic tubes, also known as freezing tubes, are commonly used for low-temperature preservation. They are a crucial laboratory consumable in the biological
If you're brimmed with positive energy, devoted to lifesciences and wish to make accomplishments on a global platform, welcome to join our team of professionals!
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