Sterilization Validation
Sterilization Validation
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Ensuring Sterilization Effect of Each Batch
The irradiation center decides the distribution of the irradiation dose on the products according to the set dose, ensuring that the irradiation adsorption is within the set range and forms specific irradiation processes. During batch irradiation, the irradiation processing is carried out according to specific irradiation standards, with a dosimeter additionally placed at the beginning and end of the production batch for monitoring. If the dosimeter returns a proper value, we consider that the sterilization dose of all products qualified. The irradiation dose of the batch is verified in this way, and relevant irradiation certificates will be issued.
Company qualifications
The entire range of sterilization for products produced by Wuxi NEST Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is handled by its subsidiary, Wuxi Futeng Radiation Technology Co., Ltd. Both companies are located in the Xida Road, Meicun Industrial Park, Xinwu District,Wuxi, achieving seamless integration of the "product manufacturing-packaging-sterilization" process.
Batch Irradiation Flow Chart
Wuxi Futeng Irradation Technology Co., Ltd.
NEST imported a full set of Rhodotron TT200 (10 MeV electron beam,Beam flow 5 mA, 50kW/100kW) from IBA Industrial with automatic flipping over function.
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