Papers with NEST products— Cell Culture Insert
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Papers with NEST products— Cell Culture Insert


• Article Title:Breaking through the basement membrane barrier to improve nanotherapeutic delivery to tumours.     

• Author:Qin Wang

• Journal Title:Nature Nanotechnology

• Impact Factor:38.3

• Article Title:A novel polypeptide CAPG-171aa encoded by circCAPG plays a critical role in triple- negative breast cancer.

• Author:Runjie Song

• Journal Title:Molecular Cancer 

• Impact Factor:37

• Article Title:A Versatile Platform for the Tumor-Targeted Intracellular Delivery of Peptides, Proteins, and siRNA

• Author:Yifan Yang


• Impact Factor:19.924

• Article Title:Robust Covalent Aptamer Strategy Enables Sensitive Detection and Enhanced Inhibition of SARS-CoV‑2 Proteins

• Author:Dan Wang 

• Journal Title:ACS Central Science

• Impact Factor:18.728

• Article Title:Genetically Engineered Artificial Exosome-Constructed Hydrogel for Ovarian Cancer Therapy

• Author:Qian Li 

• Journal Title:ACS NANO

• Impact Factor:18.027

• Article Title:A Dendrimer Peptide (KK2DP7) Delivery System with Dual Functions of Lymph Node Targeting and Immune Adjuvants as a General Strategy for Cancer Immunotherapy

• Author:Rui Zhang 

• Journal Title:Advanced science

• Impact Factor:17.521

• Article Title:In SituAttached Photothermal Immunomodulation-Enhanced Nanozyme for the Inhibition of Postoperative Malignant Glioma Recurrence

• Author:Dekang Nie 

• Journal Title:ACS Nano

• Impact Factor:17.1

• Article Title:Light-Triggered Nanozymes Remodel the Tumor Hypoxic and Immunosuppressive Microenvironment for FerroptosisEnhanced Antitumor Immunity

• Author:Zhijin Fan

• Journal Title:ACS NANO

• Impact Factor:17.1

• Article Title:Safe Induction of Acute Inflammation with Enhanced Antitumor Immunity by Hydrogel-Mediated Outer Membrane Vesicle Delivery.

• Author:Wenjie Xu 

• Journal Title:Small Methods

• Impact Factor:12.4

• Article Title:MK8722 initiates early-stage autophagy while inhibiting late-stage autophagy via FASN-dependent reprogramming of lipid metabolism

• Author:Luhui Wang

• Journal Title:Theranostics 

• Impact Factor:12.4