Biofactory Closed System Solution
Biofactory Closed System Solution

NEST multi-layer cell culture unit—BioFactory is a compactly designed labware which utilizes the maximum culture area in a limited space.

The Closed System of BioFactory,  together with the assorted accessories, helps achieve the closed liquid transfer. 

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NEST BioFactory pre-installed with transfer cap system is a pre-installed set of transfer tubes and a filter, which can directly transfer culture media and cells to or out of BioFactoryTM in a sterile environment. Pre-assembled tubes save the operatoins of designing, assembling and sterilization, lowering the risk of exogenous pollution in drug development and production and improving the production efficiency.

• Closed liquid transfer, avoiding open operation and reducing the risk of pollution in the process of liquid transfer.

• The liquid inlet tube can be aseptically welded under a normal environment.

• High-quality materials and smooth inner wall of the tube, ensur ing an excellent transmission performance.

• Electron beam sterilization, SAL = 10^-6.

• No endotoxin and no components of animal origin.