ELISA Plates
ELISA Plates

NEST ELISA plate, made of polystyrene, is a safe, reliable and effective supporter in enzyme-linked immuno-absorbent assay (ELISA). The features of the plates are crucial for the adsorption of antigens, antibodies and antigen-antibody complexes.ELISA plates from NEST adopts a unique surface treatment process, allowing to obtain ideal results in ELISA tests which are extensively employed in vitro diagnostics in medical and clinical laboratories.

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• The plates are made of polystyrene and are designed specifically for ELISAs. They present good adsorption performance and low  baseline value.

• Uniform thickness and size.

• High batch-to-batch stability and low coefficient of variation (CV) value. 

• Both detachable and non-detachable flat-bottom plates are offered for customers to choose from based on their applications.

• The letters and numbers on the frame of the plates are convenient for detection and identification in experiments.

• High transparency of clear plate bottom.

• White plates are best suited for luminescence measurements as they reflect the signal instead of absorbing it and hence enhance  the luminescence signals. Raw materials show good light-proof properties, which greatly reduce well-to-well signal interference.