Saliva/gargle Collection Kit
Saliva/gargle Collection Kit

The disposable sampler saliva/gargle collection kit is intended for the collection and transport of clinical samples from the collection site to the testing laboratory. As it will not cause any discomfort to the collection object, it is easy to be accepted.

Both saliva and gargling method will be presented in this IFU. Depending on your needs you can choose preferable method. This product is easy to carry and easy to operate.

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• Use at normal ambient temperature;

• The collection process is simple, convenient and easy to operate.

• Flexible to use, can be easily collected in the laboratory, clinic, or even at home.

• It is suitable for a wide range of object groups, especially for children and patients who do not meet the blood sample collection conditions.

• The non-invasive collection of samples will not cause any discomfort to the collection objects, reducing the chance of infection and improving safety.