Flasks Shaker Bed Accessories
Flasks Shaker Bed Accessories
NEST Sample Management System (SMS) is a comprehensive sample information management system for laboratories, medical units, and scientific research institutions. It streamlines multiple steps in the sample information process, including pre-processing, storage, queries. NEST SMS supports custom configurations according to on-site needs, without the need for special customization development. It links functional modules efficiently, ensuring simple and smooth inbound and outbound steps, complete information, and reducing the workload and human error risks associated with sample library management
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 Basic Functional Modules
• Regional equipment: visual equipment structure overview
• Sample management: custom, pre-entry, sample storage and retrieval
• Query and statistics: query and statistics of samples by location, custom fields, association information, and scanning
• Data management: data backup, batch editing of samples
• Associated information: can be docked with HIS, LIS, PACS, and other information systems to quickly improve sample information and save local space
• Label printing: human-readable barcodes and custom adhesive labels can be added
• Settings: custom storage equipment (refrigerator, liquid nitrogen tank,  freezer rack, cryogenic box), custom sample information, user role  settings, etc.

Advanced Functions
• Pre-set SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL data interface
• Quick association pre-entry
• Custom sample number, encoding rule settings
• User permission management, log information inquiry
• Label printing scene settings.
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