Refill Pipette Tip
Refill Pipette Tip
The stacked tips are assembled by stacking 5-10 different-sized tips into the tip box holder. They are convenient for customers to use,reduce costs, and have a high utilization rate. Only one box bottom is needed, and when one box is used up, another one can be loaded into the box holder.
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Product Usage and Application Direction

• Product usage: more convenient than bagged pipette tips and more economical than single-box packaging, improving work efficiency and saving work time.

• Application direction: genomics, proteomics, cytology, immunodetection, metabolomics, biopharmaceutical research and development,and other commonly used high-throughput liquid transfer uses.

Product features

• Experimental-grade polypropylene (PP) is used for all injection-molded parts of the product.

• The whole set of products is assembled by stacking 5-10 pieces, which is convenient for customers to use.

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