Fetal Bovine Serum
Fetal Bovine Serum
Fetal bovine serum (FBS) is the most widely used supplement in in vitro mammalian cell culture. It covers almost all the components 
needed for research in the life sciences industry, providing almost all the necessary ingredients for adherent and suspension cell culture, 
most of which have not yet been chemically defined, such as growth factors, attachment factors, transport proteins, lipids, and hormones. 
FBS is commonly used for cell line proliferation and primary culture, and is widely used in b asic research, target/drug discovery, drug 
development, and clinical research.
FBS is extracted from the coagulated whole blood collected by puncturing the heart of the fetus. The serum is immediately centrifuged after 
collection, frozen, and transported to the processing plant. Upon arrival at the processing plant, the serum is thawed and passed through 
three 100nm (0.1μm) sterilizing filters, and then bottled through a sterile bottling process.
All batches of NEST® FBS undergo strict sterility, mycoplasma, and virus testing. Each batch of serum will also undergo cell growth, plate 
efficiency, and clone efficiency tests on the following cell lines: HeLa, L929, SP2/O-AG14, MRC-5. Certified serum also need to undergo a 
series of additional tests, including endotoxins, chemical components, protein electrophoresis, and radioimmunodiffusion tests
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An important factor to consider in serum quality is the source of the serum, therefore, the traceability of
the serum is crucial. Each production batch of NEST® FBS is strictly controlled, starting from serum
collection, through all processing and production stages, to final packaging. NEST® guarantees the
accuracy of the geographic source of the serum and all other data declared on the Certificate of Analysis(COA).

Filtering and Packaging:
The raw serum is filtered through three 0.1μm sterile filters. The filtered serum is thoroughly mixed to
ensure uniformity. NEST® products are packaged through a sterile filling process, each step of which is
executed to ensure that the product complies with industry sterility assurance level standards SAL=10-4
(i.e., during the manufacturing process, the bacterial and fungal contamination level of the product
does not exceed 1 in 10,000 units). The filtering and bottling are carried out in a positive-pressure
HEPA-filtered controlled environment room.

Storage and Transportation Conditions
The storage conditions, batch number, and expiration date of NEST® FBS are indicated on the label. The storage condition is -20°C, and
the shelf life is 60 months. When the product is stored correctly, the best product performance can be guaranteed. It needs to be
transported at -20℃ or on dry ice.
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