High Efficiency Erlenmeyer Flask Transfer Cap
High Efficiency Erlenmeyer Flask Transfer Cap

It is pre-installed on the High Efficiency Erlenmeyer Flask,which realizes the closed transfer of liquid and reduces the risk of external contami-nation during the process of capping and screwing.

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• Closed system reduces the risks of contamination during liquid transfer.
• One-piece construction of caps and connectors reduces the risk of leakage and media residue.
• Caps of various diameters are available and aseptic welding of liquid inlet tubing under normal conditions is supported.
• High-quality materials and smooth inner wall of the tubing provide an excellent transfer performance.
• Sterilized by E-beam, SAL=10^-6.
• Endotoxin-free, and no ingredients of animal origin.
• Individually packaged in sterile bag.

Inverted Transfer Cap: Compatible with 2/3/5L high efficient Erlenmeyer flasks. If required, liquid will be transferred under gravity from the inverted Erlenmeyer flask.

Bi-directional Transfer Cap: Compatible with 2/3/5L high efficient Erlenmeyer flasks. The liquid transfer is achieved by the connection of a peristaltic pump between the Erlenmeyer flask and the device. Upon completion of the transfer, the transfer cap can be replaced with a vent cap for culture.

Multifunctional Transfer Cap: For aseptic transfer of culture medium and cell culture solution. One end of the pipeline is connected to the MPC series connector, which increases the convenience and safety in use. The male connector and the sealing cap are tightly connected to prevent accidental disconnection, and the connector can be rotated to reduce pipeline distortion.

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