High Efficient Erlenmeyer Flask Closed System
High Efficient Erlenmeyer Flask Closed System

Mammalian and insect cells assume high viability and protein expression in NEST High Efficiency Erlenmeyer Flasks. The utilization efficiency of shakers and the survival ratio of cells both improves significantly during the process. And the test results are highly reproducible, with high consistency in cell growth and yield from batch to batch.

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• It is pre-installed on the High Efficiency Erlenmeyer Flask,which realizes the closed transfer of liquid and reduces the risk of external contami-nation during the process of capping and screwing.

• The Transfer Cap comes with a large filter membrane and high oxygen flux. No external air filter is required to ensure high-density culture of cells.While the overall height is reduced, the applicable range of the shaker is wider, and the utilization rate of the shaker is increased.