Cryogenic Vial
Cryogenic Vial
Cryogenic Vial are commonly used to store laboratory cells at low temperature.
Do not use cryogenic vials for storage in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen. Only store vials in the vapor phase above the liquefied gas. Always use appropriate safety equipment when removing vials from cryogenic storage.
The lowest temperature can withstand -196°C (with screw cap). All our polypropylene pipes are suitable for low temperature storage, except for liquid nitrogen.

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• Made of USP VI polypropylene.
• Non-pyrogenic, DNase/RNase and human DNA free.
• Round Bottom, Self-standing.
• Autoclavable.
• Sterilized by E-beam, SAL=10-6 .
• Clear graduations and white marking area.
• Recommend to store in gas phase of the nitrogen tank.
• Internal thread Cap: Special screw cap designed with silicone O-ring to secure the sealing under various condition.
• External thread Cap: Special screw cap designed without silicone ring to avoid risk of contamination.
• The internal threaded screw cap and the silicone O-ring adopt a two-color injection molding process to ensure the sealing of the cap  and the vial.

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