Cryogenic 2D Matrix Vial
Cryogenic 2D Matrix Vial
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•  USP VI Polypropylene
Each tube is permanently marked with a unique 2D barcode, ensuring the tubes can be easily and accurately identified when being moved, shipped or even accidentally dropped.
•  Laser 2D barcode on the bottom of each tube allows scan and decode at once without removing from rack.100% inspection guarantees that each code is unique and readable.Non-pyrogenic, DNase/RNase and human DNA free
•  Round Bottom, Self-standing
Solid, one-piece construction ensures the barcode not fall off during the storage under low temperature
•  Sterilized by E-beam, SAL=10-6 
•  Clear graduations and white marking area
•  Recommend to store in gas phase of the nitrogen tank
•  Internal thread Cap: Special screw cap designed with silicone O-ring to secure the sealing under various condition.
•  External thread Cap: Special screw cap designed without silicone ring to avoid the contamination risk.

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