Inventory Management——Single-Rack Reader
Inventory Management——Single-Rack Reader
The NEST Single-rack reader is a device that rapidly decodes entire boxes of biological samples in biobanks and high-throughput laboratories. It is lightweight, compact, and can quickly decode various types of cryogenic boxes on-site. The device can simultaneously decode the entire box and read the cryogenic box code. When used with the NEST sample management software, it can directly decode and store entire boxes of samples. The device was granted a utility model patent in 2020.
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Cryogenic box plate rack

Decoding entire boxes of cryogenic tubes

• Decoding rules can be customized according to the cryo genic box specification (8*12, 6*8, 5*5, 9*9, 10*10, etc.)

• Non-standard decoding area can be specified for each position.

Cryogenic box code

• Can be a one-dimensional or two-dimensional barcode on any side of the cryogenic box or a two-dimensional code at a certain position on the bottom of the cryogenic box.

• Cryogenic box code decoding does not require an external device.

• Cryogenic box code location can be automatically set by software.

Data interface

• Enabling data integration with systems such as HIS, LIS, PACS, EMR, etc.

• Open database interface can be implemented through the pre-configured Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL of the system without the need for customized development.

Matching software and interface services
• Operating system: Windows XP or higher version.

• One-click cryogenic box numbering and entire box cryogenic tube decoding.

• Cryogenic box template can be customized.

• Decoding results can be displayed through graphics, lists, and images.

• Decoding results can be exported to Excel files.

• HTTP service interface can be started with one-click to automatically generate URL addresses.

• HTTP service call return results consistent with the direct software interface operation results.

Mainframe framework 

• Small and portable size: 220*175*220mm (length * width * height).

• Light weight: about 1.5 kg.

• Operating environment -20℃ ~ 35℃.

USB data cable/power switch

• Standard USB2.0 interface, no external power supply required, low power consumption (1W-4W).

• Standby power consumption less than 1W, and photo decoding power consumption is less than 4W.


• Dust-proof and waterproof tempered glass protection above the camera

• Plug and play, no need to install drivers.

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