Inventory Management——Multi-Rack Reader, Barcode Scanner
Inventory Management——Multi-Rack Reader, Barcode Scanner

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Multi-Rack Reader

• Partial scanning according to the number of cryogenic boxes.

• Scanning results in various ways such as graphics, lists, and images.

• Full-frame decoding less than 10 seconds, single-box scanning within 3-5 seconds.

• Excel export of a single box or merged multiple boxes.

• Decoding application for scanning bottom QR codes for integration (single-rack/multi-rack) based on the Windows system.

• Fast scanning of inbound and outbound barcodes, greatly improving work efficiency.

• Number and type of cryogenic boxes customization.

• Compatible with major brands of cryogenic tubes on the market.

• Compatible with various scanning racks to meet different quantity requirements. 

Product number
Product model
Multi-rack reader NSScanner.English
Product type
Maximum scanning range
Scanning component
Optcal resolution
Scanning speed
Full-frame scanning s 6 seconds

Scanning light source
LED light source
Rack types
SBS box + trad tional square box, 2 traditional squareboxes, 3 SBS boxes
Product size and welght
443.5x278.6x54mm 2 14kg
Power/power consumption
Data interface
Provides HTTP access service to refum a JSON stringcontaining the position and cryogenic tube code
Support system
Machine brand

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