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Your Smart Sample Management Butler is Now Available

NEST has been dedicated to product innovation and improvement since 2022,  responding to market demand and customer feedback. This effort has led to a revolutionary upgrade of the entire range of bio-bank products for a new era of cryo-preservation, including the successive renewal of the regular Cryogenic Vials, 2D Barcode Cryogenc Vials, and 3-code-in-1 Cryogenic Vials, all of which have received postive feedbacks from customers. Additionally, NEST is now launching a series of sample management products, to help customers efficiently manage their samples, streamline processes and reduce errors during manual operations. This bio-bank portfolio will act as a smart bulter for your samples.  

Inventory Management Software Sample Management System

NEST Sample Management System (SMS) is a comprehensive sample information management software for laboratories, medical institutions, and scientific research institutions. It streamlines the multiple steps involved in sample management, including pre-processing, storage and retrieval. NEST SMS supports custom configurations according to on-site needs, eliminating the need for extra customization development. It integrates several functional modules to provide complete sample information, making inbound and outbound processes simple and smooth and reducing workload and human errors in sample library management.

Basic functional modules

- Regional equipment: visual equipment structure overview

- Sample management: pre-entry, sample storage and retrieval

- Query and statistics: query and statistics of samples by location, custom fields, association information

- Data management: data backup; batch editing of samples

- Associated information: can be docked with HIS, LIS, PACS, and other information systems to quickly improve sample information and save local space

- Label printing: human-readable barcodes and custom adhesive labels can be added

- Settings: custom storage equipment (refrigerator, liquid nitrogen tank, freezer rack, cryogenic box), custom sample information, user role settings, etc.

Advanced functions

- Pre-set SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL data interface

- Quick association pre-entry

- Custom sample number, encoding rule settings

- User permission management, log information inquiry


Product Number

Product Specification



NEST Sample Management Software-20 terminal devices, English

1 PC


NEST Sample Management Software-15 terminal devices, English

1 PC


NEST Sample Management Software-10 terminal devices, English

1 PC


NEST Sample Management Software-5 terminal devices, English

1 PC


NEST Sample Management Software-3 terminal devices, English

1 PC

Inventory Management DeviceRack Readers

Single-rack Reader

NEST Single-rack Reader is designed to quickly decode biological samples in boxes in bio-banks and high-throughput laboratories. It is lightweight and compact, and capable of decoding various types of cryogenic boxes on-site when reading. Together with NEST Sample Management System (SMS), it can directly decode and store entire boxes of samples. It was granted a utility model patent in 2020.


- Lightweight and portable: The device weighs only 1.5kg, and is easy to carry.

- Wide compatibility: Decoding rules can be customized according to cryogenic box specification (8*12, 6*8, 5*5, 9*9, 10*10, etc.). Non-standard decoding area can be specified for each position.

- Easy and convenient: No external devices or power supplies are required. It is plug-and-play, and encoding or decoding can be done with one click. The decoding results can be exported as an Excel file.

- Versatility: Together with the NEST Sample Management System, it can directly read and decode the entire box for storage.

- Flexibility: It can be used alone to export decoding result files, or it can provide HTTP services for third-party system calls.


Product number


Product model

Single-rack reader NSSnap, English

Multi-rack reader, Barcode S canner

Multi-rack reader

- Partial scanning according to the number of cryogenic boxes.

- Scanning results in various forms such as graphics, lists, and images.

- Full-frame decoding less than 10 seconds, single-box scanning within 3-5 seconds.

- Excel export of a single box or merged multiple boxes.

- Decoding application for scanning bottom QR codes for integration (single-rack/multi-rack) based on the Windows system

- Fast scanning of inbound and outbound barcodes, greatly improving work efficiency.

- Number and type of cryogenic boxes customization.

- Compatible with major brands of cryogenic vials on the market.

- Compatible with various scanning racks to meet different quantity requirements.


Product number


Product model

Multi-rack Reader NSScanner, English

Product type


Maximum scanning range


Scanning component


Optical resolution


Scanning speed

Full-frame scanning ≤ 6 seconds

Scanning light source

LED light source

Rack types

SBS box + traditional square box, 2 traditional square boxes, 3 SBS boxes

Product size and weight

443.5×278.6×54mm 2.14kg

Power/power consumption


Data interface

Provides HTTP access service to return a JSON string containing the position and cryogenic vial code

Support system


Machine brand


Barcode Scanner

The barcode and DATAMATRIX code on the cryogenic vial can be scanned by a barcode scanner to quickly obtain information related to the sample. The scanning result can be directly input into the sample library management system, facilitating the subsequent sample tracking and management. The barcode scanner is easy to operate with high efficiency and accuracy and strong durability.

- Quick recognition of electronic screen codes: can scan one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes and traditional paper barcodes, and has strong decoding ability for electronic screen QR codes.

- High-speed rebound button: 5 million fatigue tests, still maintaining good button effects.

- Adaptus 6.0 imaging technology: upgraded barcode image acquisition technology combined with custom sensors to achieve extended depth of field and fast reading.

- Sturdy and durable shell: using a new generation of high-strength ABS materials, it can withstand a 1.5m free fall impact.

- Classic commercial appearance: minimalistic and stylish design, beloved by international brands. 

A partner to Rack Reader- the Defrosting Device

The NEST defrosting device is a tool used to quickly remove frost from the bottom of boxed cryogenic vials. When cryogenic vials are stored in liquid nitrogen vapor phase or -80°C freezer, ice can form at the bottom of the vials. To speed the decoding procedure, it is vital to defrost in advance to clearly recognize the 2D code at the bottom. 


- Wide compatibility: compatible with 24, 48, 96, and 384 formats of different brands of cryogenic boxes.

- Sample integrity: achieves bottom defrosting without heating, and the sample can still maintain a frozen state.

- Practicality: sponge roller is easy to assemble. The first roll requires the addition of a special reagent, and the second roll dries it, making it easy to use. NEST Defrosting Device is designed to quickly and effectively achieve optimal defrosting performance without heating. It can defrost the bottom of samples in a frozen state, allowing for easier recognition of 2D codes, which can be an obstacle during research.


Product name

Defrosting device

Product number


Base material

Aluminum alloy

Defrosting part

High-quality sponge

Supporting reagent


Product name

Defrosting device

Product number


Base material

Aluminum alloy

Defrosting part

High-quality sponge

Supporting reagent


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