Automatic Decapper
Automatic Decapper

The device is equipped with the functions of automatic capping g/uncapping and automatic counting, which is small and light, out of ergonomic inclination design. It is of ergonomic inclination design, small and light. With a single hand holding the tube, automatic capping/uncapping can be realized, effectively reducing the working intensity of testers and greatly improving the working efficiency.

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Flexible & Easy-to-use

Multiple working modes available (Continuous uncapping; continuous capping; and capping after uncapping), The device can customize the parameters such as torque, clamping force and number of turns to avoid sealing failure and prevent sample contamination.

Intelligent & Efficient

The device is fitted with a high-safety automatic trigger starting mechanism, without need for manual trigger of key, The processing speed less than 4s/sample.


The device is suitable for the sampling tubes with screw caps( the cap diameter is 8-22mm) and can be customized for other sizes.

Safe & Portable

The software interface is simple and easy to understand, with counting display, counting re-set and module re-set functions. With a small size, it is flexible to move and can be used in the working scenarios such as biosafety cabinet and super clean bench, and disinfectant like alcohol can be used to directly spray for disinfection.