Fast Multiplex PCR Kit
Fast Multiplex PCR Kit

The kit is suitable for real-time PCR analysis of DNA sample based on TaqMan probe. TaqMan qPCR is characterized by high sensitivity and specificity. The universal nucleic amplification kit can be used for single or multiplex probe fluorescence quantitative PCR detection.

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· Efficient amplification reaction: Taq enzymes with excellent performance, 

 high sensitivity and specificity ensures high reaction efficiency.

· Simple and fast operation due to the bi-component product format, with 

 operational errors greatly reduced.

· Good compatibility: highly applicabile to different sample types of DNA  templates.

· Wide application range: suitable for detections from one-stop qRT-PCR 

 reaction assay to Quadruple RT-PCR assay. 

Shipping and Storage Conditions

The kit needs to be transported frozen and the components 

of the kit should be stored away from light under -18°C

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