Cuvettes are containers used in laboratory spectroscopic analysis to hold reference solutions and sample solutions. They are commonly used with spectroscopic analysis instruments like spectrophotometers to analyze samples quantitatively and qualitatively. Cuvettes find wide application in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and environmental protection.
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• Made of high-quality PS material, this product has a smooth appearance without any bubbles or stripes. It provides good transparency, 

 allowing for easy observation of the liquid inside. 

• Transmittance range of 340-750nm, with a transmittance ratio of ≥70%. 

• The transmittance difference between cuvettes with the same optical path length is ≤0.5%. 

• Products are packaged in foam boxes to prevent scratches and friction caused by collision during transportation. 

• Compatibility: fit a wide majority of instruments on the market. 

• Precision processing allows for good light transmission. 

• Strong corrosion resistance and superior leak-proof performance. 

Function & Application

• Function: Come with spectroscopic analysis instruments for holding reference solutions and sample solutions for quantitative and 

 qualitative analysis

• Application: Industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and environmental protection.

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