TriSteri™ TriSteri 20 TriSteri™ Ultra-low Particulate Collection
TriSteri™ TriSteri 20 TriSteri™ Ultra-low Particulate Collection

Regular packaging may unintentionally introduce pollutants into the cleanroom area if pollutants adhere to the outside of the packaging bag. However, triple packaging of TriSteri TM Ultra-low Particulate Collection are designed to meet the higher demands of cleanrooms. The outer packaging acts as a barrier, preventing pollutants from entering sensitive production areas and greatly enhancing the safety of samples in a sterile environment.

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Triple Packed Products for clean room applications Triple packed products are used where sterile transfer of products is essential. Contamination adhering to the outside of the bag can be carried into clean room areas with single packaging. Therefore, all single packed materials must be wiped clean with 70 % alcohol or other disinfectant. Triple packed products eliminate the need for such cleaning procedures. It prevents contamination from reaching highly sensitive production areas, simplify handling and reduce processing time.
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