Nucleic Acid Automatic Extraction System
Nucleic Acid Automatic Extraction System

With the latest isolation method of nucleic acid transferred by magnetic rods and preloaded magnetic beads-based extraction reagent, The YC701 Nucleic Acid Automatic Extraction System can process 1-12 samples and automatically isolate nucleic acids from various samples such as blood, cells, viruses, etc. The magnetic beads are adsorbed, transferred and released by the special magnetic rod, so as to realize the fully automated purification of nucleic acid.

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Economical and flexible:

The design of single regent strip allows free control of throughput and avoids reagent waste.

Compact size:

It can be easily placed in a biosafety cabinet to process biologically hazardous samples.350*250*380mm(LxWxH)

Strong magnetic force:

High-performance magnetic rod ensure magnetic beads recovery rate ≥98%.

Avoid cross contamination:

UV sterilization module effectively reduce the cross contamination between wells.

Auxiliary drying:

Separate drying well can be heated to shorten waiting time and reduce the probability of cross contamination.

Open system:

Applicable to various magnetic beads-based extraction reagents.

Multiple modes:

Pre-programed multiple protocols for different samples.

Precise temperature control:Automatic heating for lysis and elution , withfast heating speed and precise temperature control.

Easy operation:

7-inch touchable color screen to meet the needs of intelligent and convenient operation.

Short processing time:

Up to 12 samples can be processedin 25-35min.

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